• February 15, 2020
    Top 15 des meilleurs restaurants "Apportez Votre Vin" à Montréal pour 2020

  • November 4, 2014
    Guide restos voir: compter les étoiles

    For "bring your own wine" establishments, a favorable review in the Restaurant Guide is invaluable, as evidenced by the Côba sur Laurier in Montreal. The latter is one of the only ones to have won four stars; A considerable score certainly giving them a head start compared to other tables of the type, who are often blamed for the quality of their cuisine. "Since we got four stars, a year ago, we've seen an increase in ridership. The good reviews we had helped create a positive image of the restaurant, "says Ken Tran. "The expectations of the customers evolve constantly, so we had to stay listening to them in order to deal with any remarks or dissatisfactions. We feel the result of our efforts, it's truly a privilege. "